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According to KHOU11 in Houston, Diane Tran is a high school honor student who is working two jobs to support her siblings because her parents divorced and left them. She is heroically trying to provide for her family and finish her high school education under an unimaginably tough situation. There are days when she is just too exhausted to go to school. However, instead of helping her, the local school and judicial systems are trying to make an example out of her.

According to multiple news reports, she was warned that she was missing too many days of school. A judge in Texas actually put her in jail for truancy and is even trying to fine her. This is outrageous!

Help us spread the message and raise money for her and her family.

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HelpDianeTran.com is a project of the Louisiana Children's Education Alliance, a 501c3 organization. Website donated by Gatorworks. Online donations powered by Anedot. 100% of the money raised (less any credit card processing or transaction costs) will go to help Diane Tran and her family. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us via Facebook.com/HelpDianeTran or call 504-222-2920.

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